Skin Care

Australian Super Tans carries only the best of indoor tanning lotions to optimize your tanning session. Indoor lotions are instrumental in helping you achieve and maintain that perfect tan. Your AST tanning specialist will work with you to determine the right lotion for your needs. Our staff is thoroughly trained on all products to ensure you benefit most from the one you choose. Our line of lotions and skincare products include everything you need and love – from bronzers to tingles – facial products to after tan moisturizers – we have what you need to pamper your skin with the finest skincare.


Diversion Policy

Designer Skin, is committed to a salon-only policy of sales and distribution of our indoor tanning lotions. Our products produce optimum results when chosen and sold by trained tanning salon professionals who understand their clients’ tanning needs and objectives. Diverted products are many times counterfeit, contaminated, old or expired products that may not be safe to use. We are committed to protecting the safety of our consumers. Our commitment to you is to make every effort to maintain the product integrity that you demand.