AST Rewards Program FAQ’s

As a “Thank You” for your continued loyalty to our business, Australian Super Tans wants to Reward you. AST Rewards Members will accumulate points for all tanning services and retail merchandise purchased.

  • New members will receive 50 points just for registering your Card online.
  • Members earn points for simply making purchases with us . Points can be redeemed for $ to spend on other purchases in our stores.
  • Occasionally, there are other AST Rewards Members exclusive offers for Free AST merchandise, tanning services or AST Rewards Members-only drawings and giveaways for tickets to concerts, sporting events, etc.

How do I receive my AST Rewards Card?
Visit one of our participating Australian Super Tans locations to pick up your card.

What are points?
Members earn points for simply making purchases with us.

Do points expire?

What if I forget my card at home?
Unfortunately you must have your AST Rewards Card with you at the time of any purchase to receive or redeem points.

How do I register my new card?
Visit our website at Click on the “Rewards Tab” in the Main Navigation Menu, then follow the instructions to register your Card.

How do I know my card balance?
You can check your balance two ways:
1) by going to our website Click on the “Rewards Tab” in the Main Navigation Menu, then choose the link to check your balance.
2) in store, each time points are added or redeemed, you will receive a receipt with your points and $ rewards balance.

How do I redeem my points?
Points may be redeemed for any tanning services or retail merchandise. You can redeem points at any time or you can let
your points and $ rewards continue to accumulate. Remember, you must have your AST Rewards Card to redeem points.

Are my points redeemable for cash?
Points are NOT redeemable for cash.

Can I redeem points from someone else’s AST Rewards Card?
No. The intention of the Program is to reward each of our individual AST Rewards Card member.

What if my card is lost or damaged?
If your card is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without your permission, it will not be replaced, though you may request a new card.

Can points be redeemed to purchase gift cards?
Points are NOT redeemable for a gift card purchase.

Can I register more than one Card?
No, Customers are only allowed to have one working Card.

I forgot my password, how do I get a new one?
Simply go to the log in area in the “Rewards Tab” section on our website then click “Forgot Password” link.